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RFID Tags and Labels

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Xerafy Micro X-II Plus Automotive 1.png
Micro X-II Plus Automotive

The Xerafy Micro X-II Plus Automotive uniquely meets the most demanding requirements of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).
It is designed to offer manufacturers a dependable RFID tagging solution for demanding applications. 

April 2020

APRIL 2020

Cargo Trak.jpg
Cargo Trak

The Cargo Trak is well suited to meet shipping and logistics management applications where longer read ranges and durable tags are required. 

Metal Skin Platinum.jpg
Platinum Metal Skin 

The Platinum Metal Skin is a high performance RFID metal smart label that is light
weight, flexible and easy to use for item-level tagging of metallic and liquid properties.

September 2021

APRIL 2019

Xerafy Autoclavable Dot XS X4102-US040-H3 X4102-EU040-H3
Dot XS-Autoclavable version

Dot XS autoclavable version is specifically designed for the healthcare industry to survive repeated autoclave cycles.

Xerafy Dot XXS Autoclavable  X4302-US000-H3  X4302-EU000-H3
Dot XXS-Autoclavable version

Dot XXS is durable enough to withstand repeated sterilization cycles and industrial chemical washes.

Xerafy Autoclavable Dash XS X4101-US040-H3 X4101-EU040-H3
Dash XS-Autoclavable version

Dash XS autoclavable version is designed for Unique Device Identification initiative for medical devices.

Dash XXS Autoclavable X4301-US000-H3 X4301-EU000-H3
Dash XXS-Autoclavable version

Dash XXS tag measures at 0.26 x 0.08 x 0.08 inches thick. The tag is durable enough to withstand repeated sterilization cycles and industrial chemical washes.

April 2019
Mach 2019

MARCH 2019

Xerafy Dot-iN XS X4202-US000-H3 X4202-EU000-H3
Dot iN

The Dot-iN XS can be embedded in metal and will withstand high temperature.

Xerafy Dot XXS X4302-US000-H3 X4302-EU000-H3

The Dot XXS is the world's smallest RFID tag. The round tag measures at 0.16 inches in diameter by 0.1 inches thick with a read distance of 1.6 feet (0.5 m).

Xerafy Dash iN XS X4201-US000-H3 X4201-EU000-H3
Dash iN

The XS high performance RFID metal tags are ATEX certified and enable automatic tracking for improved productivity.

Xerafy Dash XXS X4301-US000-H3 X4301-EU000-H3
Dash XXS

The Dash XXS is an ultra-small RFID tag that is no bigger than a grain of riceeasuring at 0.26 x 0.08 x 0.08 inches,

January 2019


Xerafy Roswell w/o bracket X1114-US100-H3 X1114-EU100-H3
Roswell  w/o bracket

The Roswell without bracket was designed to be welded on metal surface.

Xerafy Autoclavable Pico On Plus X3110-US040-H3 X3110-EU040-H3
Autoclavable Pico On Plus

The small physique of the tag enables it to be attached to medical devices , providing a unique value proposition for healthcare market.

Xerafy ROSWELLW/O Bracket  X1114-US100-H3 X1114-EU100-H3
Autoclavable Roswell  w/o bracket

The Autoclavable Roswell without bracket is extremely reliable and durable for harsh applications and meets autoclave requirements for use in the healthcare industry.

MAY 2018

Xerafy Bri X1121-US100-H3 X1121-EU100-H3

The Bric is designed to be mounted on or embedded in concrete for RFID construction and building materials. 

Xerafy Pico Wedge X1112-US101-H3 X1112-EU101-H3
Pico Wedge

The Pico Wedge is designed to facilitate quick embedding of metal RFID tags in industrial applications.

MARCH 2017

Xerafy Micro iN X0230-US000-H3 X0230-EU000-H3
Micro iN

Embedding this tag in metal increases its reliability while

providing substantial benefits in both overall cost and product value.

Xerafy Nano-iN X0220-US000-H3 X0220-EU000-H3
Nano iN

The Nano-iN offers an outstanding performance-to-size ratio when flush

mounted in a metal object.

May 2018
March 2017
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