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MICRO series

Heat, Shocks, Chemicals, Pressure, Waterproof:

Rugged On Metal RFID Tags Engineered for
Paint Shop and Industrial Processes

Key Features

The MICRO series from Xerafy offers the ultimate on metal high temperature RFID tags, providing consistent performance where reliability and durability are critical.

As Xerafy’s leading rugged RFID tags engineered for high temperature RFID systems, the MICRO series offers a range of durable and reusable metal tagging alternatives to barcode labels.


The on metal RFID tags have been field-proven at manufacturing facilities around the world, alongside PICO small tags and XS world's smallest tags.

MICRO Series.png
Xerafy Product Guid.png

The on metal RFID tags are engineered to provide a reusable tagging solution that operates reliably in the harshest environments:

  • Up to 280°C - Xerafy's flagship manufacturing RFID tags are engineered with materials such as ceramic to deliver superior reliability through high temp cycling

  • 10-meter Range - The on metal RFID tags come with a market-leading read range

  • NXP UCODE 8 - The rugged RFID tags are built using cutting edge RAIN RFID chips

  • Two Sizes - Choice of two footprints, sharing the same thin profile for manufacturing RFID tags that offer the right fit

  • Rugged RFID Tag - Industry-grade materials such as high-performance polymer and a meticulous design ensure each rugged RFID tag' durability against high temperatures, shocks, caustic chemicals, and fluids (IP ratings)

  • Stainless-Steel Reinforcements - Full range of rugged mounting options, including M3 Rivets, Screws, Zip Ties, Industry-grade adhesives (optional)

  • Printable - Each rugged RFID tag case color and material are selected to provide optimal optical readability when laser etching (optional) Text, Logo, Serial Numbers, QR, Barcodes...

  • ATEX - Certified versions of the tags are available (optional) for operations in environments at risk of explosions

All the high temperature RFID tags in the MICRO series can be fully personalized to support the deployment of your RFID system: Encoding, Printing, Laser Marking, Industrial Adhesives, ATEX Certified Versions, User Memory Version, Optical Optimized Case, Metal Backplate.

Go further with your attachment, packaging, and form factor requirements by leveraging the Xerafy MICRO series platform: Custom Design RFID Tags development services from Xerafy bring the technology, manufacturing, and application expertise required to design the right RFID tag for your system.




The First Choice For Manufacturing

The Xerafy MICRO Industrial is the ultimate passive UHF RFID tagging solution for dependable and durable tracking in industrial processes.

The rugged RFID tag is field-proven for high-temp environments, where its durability matches the asset's life, thanks to its rugged case and 10 meters on metal RFID performance.

MICRO Industrial-min.jpg



The Best For

Paint Shop Manufacturing

The Xerafy MICRO Paint Shop offers an on metal RFID tagging solution for cycling through high temperatures, fluids, and chemicals.

The silicone-free design eliminates the risk of contamination in the shop, and the rugged RFID tag's IP68 rating and survival at 250°C ensure its durability.

MICRO Paint Shop-min.jpg



The Best For

Complex Manufacturing

The Xerafy MICRO Autoclavable is a rugged RFID tag purpose-built to withstand the rigors of sterile processing in healthcare.

With its IP69K rating and high-performance engineered polymer case, the on metal RFID tag withstands repeated chemical cleaning and autoclave sterilization cycles at high temperatures.

MICRO Autoclavable_min.jpg



Full Performance
In Half The Size

Xerafy MICRO Power.jpg

The Xerafy MICRO Power delivers full on metal and high temperature RFID performance in a smaller form factor small enough to fit power tools and equipment

The smaller rugged RFID tag is made of a high-performance engineered polymer for IP68 rating and extra durability against high temperatures and caustic chemicals.




The First Choice for High-Temp

Nano X-II HT 2.png

The Xerafy MICRO Heat leads all other high-temperature RFID tags with its survivability at up to 280°C.

The rugged RFID tag comes in a compact form factor that delivers a read range of 7 meters on metal. Its selected materials deliver full performance with industry-grade mounting solutions and IP68 rating.

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