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Xerafy Honored As Most Promising Data Center and IT Assets Tracking Solution By APAC CIO Outlook

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

APAC CIO Outlook, the publication connecting the IT Enterprise Community in the Asia Pacific, has selected Xerafy as the “25 Most Promising Data Centre Solution Providers” for its 2016 edition on data center solutions.

Data center security and efficiency are a top priority for IT organizations. Keeping an accurate inventory of data center assets and their service history is a key part of corporate IT strategy. RFID helps companies manage their data center assets better, and Xerafy is at the forefront of those efforts.

Xerafy was selected after the team analyzed the offerings, management, and reputation of about 1,053 companies offering data center solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Xerafy was also recommended based on inputs and feedback from the magazine’s advisory board, which consists of CIOs and senior IT managers from leading enterprises in the region.

Xerafy’s line of small, rugged RFID tags is well-suited for use in data center asset management applications. In addition to the Data Trak II, a cost-effective tag designed specifically for data centers, our XS series, PICO series, and METAL SKIN series are all used in dynamic data center environments.

With Xerafy, IT departments can track the location of each asset and better manage maintenance and upgrade histories and provide the cradle-to-grave life cycle tracking necessary for security and compliance requirements.

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