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Xerafy Metal Skin Series Named as Top 10 RFID Products at IoT Shenzhen 2013

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

(Singapore, 16 August 2013) - Xerafy’s Metal Skin was named as one of the most innovative RFID products at the annual Internet of Things Exhibition Awards in Shenzhen, China. The awards are one of the most authoritative awards in the Chinese RFID market.

Xerafy Metal Skin is a revolutionary RFID inlay for smart labeling both metallic and non-metallic assets. It is extremely low profile and flexible to fit curved surfaces – such as the contour of metallic cylinders and drums. It is designed to be compatible with industry label printers.

A Metal Skin RFID inlay can be converted into different label sizes through standard label converting equipment and processes; logos and barcode can also be printed using standard RFID printers available in the market.

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