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ROSWELL series

On Metal RFID Tags With Extreme Durability

For ATEX And Hazardous Environments

The Xerafy ROSWELL series represents the ultimate survivability in rugged RFID tags.

The heavy duty RFID tags benefit from an innovative patent-pending antenna-free structure that provides exceptional durability and RFID performance where everything else fails: Heat, pressure, shocks, vibrations, compression, pressure, vapor, fluids, chemicals...


In operation above and below ground, Xerafy's ROSWELL series of passive on metal RFID tags are proven for asset tracking in the field, supplementing the MICRO high-temp tags and PICO small tags.

Xerafy ROSWELL series
Xerafy RFID Tags Product Guide

The series of on metal RFID tags concentrates all of Xerafy's know-how and experience in the most hazardous environments to offer passive on metal tagging solutions performing reliably under the most stringent circumstances:

  • Metal Case - Made of Stainless Steel or Aluminum, for the highest temperature (250C/482F) and pressure (30,000psi)

  • Ultimate Survivability - Built to withstand fluids (IP ratings), shocks, and chemicals

  • Omni Direction - Superior performance in the field thanks to full 180-degree read orientation

  • Rugged Mounting - Industry-grade options: Rivets, Screws, Welding, Embedding

  • Specialty - Autoclavable and ATEX versions available

All RFID tags in our ROSWELL series can be personalized to support the deployment of your RFID system: Encoding, Printing, Laser Marking, ATEX Certified Versions, Metal Backplate.

Go further with your attachment, packaging, and form factor requirements by leveraging the Xerafy ROSWELL series platform: Custom Design RFID Tags development services from Xerafy bring the technology, manufacturing, and application expertise required to design the right RFID tag for your system.

Key Features



The World's Most Durable Tag

The Roswell Autoclavable is an on metal RFID tag that meets the high temperature and pressure requirements for use in autoclaves.

Its design confers extreme durability to the stainless steel case while being quick and convenient to mount onto a basket or container, using reliable tagging options.

Xerafy Autoclavable Roswell X1114-US141-H3 X1114-EU141-H3



The Best Tag For Hazardous Environments

The Roswell is the first rugged RFID tag of its kind, using only its aluminum exterior as an antenna.


Its patent-pending antenna-free design enables item-level tracking for demanding applications, with an ATEX version certified for hazardous environments.

 Xerafy Roswell X1114-US101-H3 X1114-EU101-H3



First For Downhole Equipment

The Xplorer Downhole is a rugged RFID tag that has been validated for simultaneous high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

It is designed to perform and survive in a boring well, under extreme pressures, vibrations, temperatures, and chemicals. Its round form-factor is embeddable in metal structures to allow for firm and seamless insertion and offer additional durability.

Xerafy Xplorer Downhole X1115-US101-H3 X1115-EU101-H3



The Extra Strong Embeddable Tag

The Xplorer Surface is a rugged RFID tag with a frequency range optimized for reads on the surface.

It brings ultra-durability features against the high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and impacts that are prevalent in the field away from downhole operations, thanks to its ​stainless steel case.

Xerafy Xplorer Surface X1115-US101-H3 X1115-EU101-H3
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