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XENSE series

RFID Sensors For Industrial IoT

Battery Free Temperature and Strain Monitoring

The Xerafy XENSE series offers battery-free RFID sensors to monitor and track assets in Construction, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing.

The innovative XENSE sensing platform uses passive RAIN RFID to support the cost-effective deployment of monitoring capabilities in IoT systems.

Xerafy XENSE Plate RAIN RFID Sensor
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The UHF RAIN RFID sensors are engineered to offer tagging solutions optimized to perform in industrial systems, offering maximum performance in the deployment of complex monitoring applications:

  • Autonomy - The sensors operate autonomously throughout the asset's life cycle and do not require an external power source

  • IoT-Ready - Based on RAIN RFID global wireless standard: UHF Gen 2 EPC passive RFID

  • Sensing Technology - Fast read rate (every 10ms), full range of monitoring parameter options

  • Customizable - Industry-grade form factors and mounting options available

Key Features


The passive UHF RFID sensor tags from Xerafy derive their energy from the radio waves emitted by the reader.


The Xerafy XENSE sensors have the same lifespan as the asset they are monitoring because they do not require an external power source. Wireless communication enables automatic identification, data capture, and data transfer over long distances (up to 7 meters) and through other materials (depending on form factor and substrate).



ERPs, monitoring systems, production control systems all rely on data acquisition for Industrial IOT systems driving automation and digitization.


RAIN RFID, the global Radio-frequency identification (RFID) standard, underpins the Xerafy XENSE sensor platform. RAIN RFID has evolved into the de facto standard for Industrial IoT applications such as asset location, counting, analysis, monitoring, and tracking. As a result, the Xerafy sensors are directly compatible with the existing RAIN RFID infrastructure available in the field.



The Asygn AS321x is the world's first RAIN RFID fully passive IC that includes a sensing and acquisition interface for both resistive and capacitive sensors.

Sensing features cover a full range of monitoring parameter options:

  • Temperature: -40°C to +125°C with +/- 0.35°C resolution

  • Humidity

  • Strain

  • Ambient light

  • Pressure

  • Magnetic field (Hall Effect)

  • Electrical continuity

The chip is fully compliant with the RAIN RFID protocol, so no special sequences or custom commands are required.

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Asygn AS321X Chip



The Ultimate

High-Performance Label

The Xerafy Mercury Metal Skin is a best-selling Industrial RFID Label.
Working both On-Metal and Off, it offers a cost-effective RFID tag that is lightweight, flexible, and extremely low profile.

Operating with global RAIN RFID frequencies, it provides the best fit for international supply chains, while its size allows for printing human and computer-readable information such as barcodes and graphics.

Xerafy Mercury X50A0-GL100-M4


When it comes to the application environment, material properties, and accessibility, among others, Industrial IOT systems present unique requirements and challenges.


Xerafy XENSE is a fully customizable platform that allows the sensor to be designed to specifications by leveraging the company's extensive library of trusted industry-grade form factors, mounting options, materials, and sensing features.

Xerafy XENSE Cargo RAIN RFID Sensor
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